F9 Authorized Applicator for Rust Removal

Professional Rust Removal 

Rust stains are never a welcome sight! The presence of rust on your concrete sidewalks or driveway detract from your property’s natural beauty. However, these rust stains can be professionally treated to restore your home's curb appeal.

As an authorized F9 Rust Removal Professional in the Charleston, SC and Orangeburg, SC area, the first step we take is to identify the type of rust stain present, as not all rust stains are the same. Once we identify the type of rust stain, we can then select the appropriate treatment plan using safe rust removal products to achieve optimal results.

At Southpaw, we exclusively use the Front 9 restoration products to remove those tough concrete rust stains. Our multi-step treatment process is 99% effective whether it’s a Fertilizer Rust Stain, Battery Acid Rust Stain or Irrigation Rust Stain from your sprinkler system.

Fertilizer rust stains are very common and typically found after a homeowner fertilizes their yard and forgets to sweep the excess fertilizer pellets off the driveway. Once moisture is introduced to these pellets via rain, sprinkler system, morning dew, it will cause them to bleed leaving small fertilizer rust stains across concrete surface. We can effectively treat these stains using the Front 9 Restoration Products and Process. 



Battery Acid Stains are caused from leaks in a battery, most commonly golf carts. When the golf cart is parked and plugged in to charge the batteries, they often bubble over and stain the concrete leaving that orange color rust.



Irrigation Rust Stains are caused when irrigation water has high dissolved iron content. When irrigation systems draw water from a well or lake, they also draw in the dissolved iron existing in the water. As your irrigation water your lawn, the dissolved iron oxidizes and leaves behind rust stains wherever it lands.


If you are in need of professional rust removal services in the Charleston, SC or Orangeburg, SC areas, please call us at 843-906-2280 and we will be happy to discuss your needs and provide you a free estimate.